Always tailored

We spend significant time with a potential client ahead of any process. We ensure that the client’s objectives are understood and the marketing strategy is defined accordingly, and provide guidance on incorporating sustainability and diversity objectives into every strategy. We prefer to be deeply involved in all aspects of the process, from document development through to investor due diligence. We also assist emerging managers by providing support in each step of the development of their investment process. At each stage, our objective is to guide our client to a successful outcome in the most efficient manner.

Toughest LP

As part of our process, we put each product through a rigorous analysis to ensure that it can withstand the scrutiny of even the toughest investor.  Our due diligence exercise draws on the many thousands of investment processes we have been involved in, and provides an essential tool to help prepare an offering for market.


Undertake highly detailed due diligence acting as the “Toughest LP”, ensuring the Fund can withstand the rigour of the fundraising process

  • Regulatory Due Diligence
  • Product Evaluation - "Toughest LP" standard
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • ESG assessment 


Product Development

In partnership with the Manager, we develop comprehensive fund documents that effectively articulate the Fund strategy

  • PPM
  • Presentation
  • Due Diligence Materials
  • Supporting Materials


Understanding the potential investor base is critical; we undertake a detailed review of the market to ensure there is appetite for the fund strategy

  • Marketing Plan
  • Pre-Qualify Investors
  • Prioritise Investors


A structured yet flexible process is paramount, ensuring that the momentum of the fundraise is maintained from launch through to final close

  • Manage Process
  • Co-Ordinate Meetings
  • Advise on Follow-Up
  • Maintain Momentum


Each closing is different, and we are able to provide strategic advice based on our multiple years of experience

  • Strategic Advice
  • Negotiation Advice
  • 3rd Party Read